Introducing Photo FX – the groundbreaking iOS app that harnesses Tyndall FX proprietary Radiance Fields technology to revolutionize your video capture experience. With Photo FX, you can bring your world to life like never before.

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Video Capture: Capture mesmerizing videos with your iPhone’s camera, and let NeRF technology work its magic to reconstruct your surroundings in stunning 3D detail.

3D Reconstruction with Preview Mode: Watch in awe as Photo FX reconstructs your captured scenes, offering a sneak peek of the immersive 3D world you’re about to step into.

Special Effects: Elevate your videos with an array of special effects that will transport your audience to extraordinary realms.

Stunning Visual Quality: Experience visuals of unparalleled quality and realism, thanks to NeRF’s cutting-edge neural rendering capabilities.

Super Fast Reconstruction Speed: Say goodbye to long wait times. Photo FX offers lightning-fast reconstruction, ensuring you can share your creations instantly.

Intuitive UI: Photo FX boasts an intuitive user interface that makes 3D video creation a breeze, even for beginners.

Full Screen Playback: Immerse yourself in your creations with full-screen playback that truly transports you into the world you’ve captured.

Sharing Options: Share your masterpieces with ease through in-app sharing, social media integration, and even direct sharing to Discord, connecting you with your community in real-time.

Experience the future of immersive content with Photo FX. Turn everyday moments into extraordinary memories and share them like never before!